Are Temporary Snap-On Dentures Reusable? Debunking Common Myths

snap-on dentures

Snap-on dentures, also known as implant dentures, are the minimum standard of oral care for completely edentulous (toothless) patients.

These temporary dentures have emerged as a viable dental restorative option for people who can’t get permanent implant dentures for any reason. They offer them an immediate restoration of their smile with benefits similar to those of permanent dentures. However, people have reservations about this treatment due to the myths associated with it, making them skeptical of the treatment altogether.

In this blog, we will tackle all such myths, establishing the safety and effectiveness of this treatment. We will also discuss the potential reasons why edentulous patients may opt for snap-on dentures instead of permanent ones.

What Are Snap-on Dentures?

Snap-on dentures are a temporary means of restoring a full arch of teeth with the help of dental implants and a removable denture. 

Like permanent denture treatment, snap-on-denture treatment also harnesses the power of dental implants (which are fixed to the edentulous patient’s jawbone) to restore missing teeth. However, unlike permanent dentures (which use a fixed irremovable prosthesis), snap-on dentures use a “removable” prosthesis for teeth replacement. This removable denture is attached to strong retentive attachments present on the dental implants, onto which the dentures “snap,” giving patients a set of temporary fake teeth that the patients can remove as necessary.

Crafted from lightweight materials, temporary snap-on dentures provide immediate dental restoration to those edentulous patients who can’t get permanent dentures due to various reasons.

Reasons For Getting Temporary snap-on dentures 

We have just pointed out how snap-on dentures are a viable teeth replacement option for edentulous patients who are unable to get permanent dentures for any reason. Let’s now explore these reasons one by one:

  • Cost Considerations – snap-on dentures cost is significantly less than that of permanent dentures, making it an affordable option for people for whom permanent dentures are unaffordable.
  • Need For Immediate Replacement – many edentulous patients require an immediate tooth replacement option, as their busy lifestyle doesn’t allow them to endure the lengthy process of getting permanent dentures. Snap-on-dentures provide a perfect solution for this immediate teeth replacement.
  • Insufficient Bone Density – some people don’t have enough jawbone density to support the number of implants (usually 4-6) required in permanent dentures. Their jawbone density can only be increased to the required level by means of bone grafting, which many patients wish to avoid. In this case, snap-on dentures offer the best alternative, as they require fewer implants (only 4) than permanent dentures, and hence also eliminate the need to get bone grafts.
  • Less Invasive Procedure – since snap-on dentures require fewer implants to be placed on the jaw as compared to permanent dentures, their surgical process is also comparatively less invasive. This means the surgery is shorter, involves less bone manipulation, and has a quicker recovery time. These benefits make snap-on dentures ideal for people who are looking for a less invasive restorative treatment.
  • Transitional Solution – some people opt for snap-on dentures as a means of establishing a transition to permanent dentures. Snap-on dentures offer them the chance to get used to dentures, helping them judge whether a permanent teeth solution would be a good fit for them.
  • Ease Of Maintenance – the removable nature of snap-on dentures makes them relatively easier to clean and maintain as compared to permanent dentures. This makes them an ideal choice for those patients who can’t keep up with the diligent maintenance requirements associated with permanent implant dentures.

Debunking Common Myths Related to Snap-on Dentures 

Despite their usefulness, snap-on denture treatment is surrounded by several myths that keep people from opting for them. Some of these common myths are debunked below:

Myth#1: Snap-on dentures Are Not Reusable 

Fact: Temporary snap-on dentures are indeed reusable, and the assumption that they are not reusable is nothing but a pervasive (and illogical) myth. Assuming that snap-on dentures are not reusable is a self-contradictory statement because these dentures are designed for the very purpose of being reused repeatedly, which is why they are ‘removable’ in the first place. However, these dentures demand proper maintenance and cleaning in order to stay reusable for a long time. 

Myth#2: Snap-on dentures Are Uncomfortable 

Reality: snap-on dentures are not uncomfortable in and of themselves – in fact, they are designed to be comfortable and convenient. Your dentist will place the denture in your mouth with extra care, ensuring a comfortable fit. However, a little bit of discomfort is expected for a few days after getting them as the patient gets used to the feeling of having a denture in his mouth. The patient becomes fully accustomed to wearing the dentures with the passage of time, and the initial discomfort that he faces wears off. Yet if the pain persists for a long time, you may visit your dentist and ask him to readjust the denture, which will most likely alleviate the discomfort and irritation. 

Myth#3: Snap-on dentures Look Fake

Reality: Modern dentures, including both permanent and snap-on-dentures, have exceptional aesthetic appeal. They are made with the finest material (such as PMMA and Zirconia) to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, and special effort is made to match the denture to natural teeth in terms of shade, size, and texture. The myth that snap-on dentures (or any denture for that matter) springs from a lack of knowledge about modern restorative dentistry and its ability to provide the best dental solutions in terms of aesthetics and functionality alike.

Myth#4: Snap-on dentures Are Difficult To Maintain

Reality: This is another myth grounded in ill information. The reality is that the maintenance of these dentures is simple and straightforward. In fact, as we’ve already discussed in the previous heading, snap-on denture maintenance is comparatively less complicated than that of permanent dentures. They only require regular brushing and thorough cleaning with a good quality denture cleaner and are meant to be stored carefully when not in use. These maintenance measures are enough for snap-on dentures to remain in good shape.


There are several myths and wrong assumptions associated with snap-on dentures, all of which are grounded in ill information about this innovative treatment. Addressing these myths is an important step towards alleviating patients’ reservations regarding this treatment and establishing their trust in the efficacy and worthiness of this treatment.

If you wish to gain more insights into this revolutionary treatment for edentulous patients, then schedule a FREE consultation with the implant experts practicing at Ohio Implant Clinic, based in Ohio, California. Our expert advice will set you up for a successful, healthy, and long-lasting teeth restorative journey.

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